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AQUAYER AntiChlor Vita 250mL

First and basic action is chlorine neutralization in tap water making it safe for fish. Additionally, vitamin B1 eliminates stress of fishes after water change as well as during fish transportation. Regular use of the AntiChlor Vita prevents fish diseases particularly. Designed by Sergey Yermolayev.

What is the difference between AntiChlor+K and AntiClor Vita?

If AntiChlor+K is more suitable for planted aquariums but AntiClor Vita is suitable for all types of aquariums. Antitoxin Vita includes additional components that better bind heavy metals. Additionally vitamin B1 minimizes stress of fish after water changes and when fish is introduced into a new aquarium.

How to use

Dosing: making safe water change dose 1 mL per 8 L of tap water. This allows to reduce the concentration of chlorine - 5 mg/l, chloramine - 4 mg/L.

Volume: 250 mL for 2000 liters

3 years at temperature below 30 °С

AQUAYER AntiChlor Vita 250mL dechlorination and vitamin addition

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