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AQUAYER Yermolayev`s fertilizer Micro+ 250mL

Yermolayev`s Micro+ - daily fertilizer for aquatic plants containing iron and all the necessary trace elements for good color of the plants. Part of Yermolayev`s system of fertilizers for aquarium plants.

The feature of Yermolayev`s MICRO+ formula is the mixture of chilates optimized by Sergey Yermolayev. The preparation of optimized chelates mixture for aquarium plants requires balanced quantity of different chelating agents. Chelating agents are necessary to be in such amount to avoid precipitation of iron and some trace elements. But it is important to avoid excess of the chelating agents because in this case they can limit availability of nutrients for plants. Yermolayev`s MICRO+ contains mixture of gluconate and DTPA as chelating agents. Gluconate is stable and easily biodegradable in aquaria. The function of DTPA is to maintain constant concentration of iron and some trace elements in aquarium water so they can be available for plants in any time.

How to use

The fertilizer is recommended to dose every day, or every other day. 1 mL per 70 L of aquarium water while dosing daily, or 35 L of aquarium water while dosing every other day. Aquarium with lots of plants and CO2 supply should be supplied with increased dosage of the fertilizer. Additionally each aquarium changes over time. That is why the Yermolayev`s methodology includes dosing optimization over time (new aquarium – till 1 month, mature aquarium – 1-18 monthes and old aquarium – more then 18 months). For determination of aquarium type use infographic of Yermolayev`s methodology:

система ермолаева инфографика

Volume: 250mL


Potassium (К)6.930 g/L
Iron (Fe)1.200 g/L
Magnesium (Mg)0.800 g/L
Manganese (Mn)0.400 g/L
Boron (В)0.072 g/L
Molybdenum (Мо)0.030 g/L
Copper (Cu)0.045 g/L
Zinc (Zn)0.015 g/L
Cobalt (Со)0.007 g/L
Anions: gluconate, DTPA, sulphate, chloride etc.

3 years at temperature below 30 °С

TU U 20.5-3053410712-001-2012

AQUAYER Yermolayev`s fertilizer Micro 250mL for aquatic plants

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