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AQUAYER Smart MACRO 2х250 mL

AQUAYER Smart MACRO is liquid fertilizer that opens new method of nutrients supply to plants in aquarium. The method is based on principle: each plant requires certain ratio of the main macronutrients – nitrogen and phosphorus (as nitrate and phosphate).

Yermolayev`s fertilizer MACRO+ with constant NO3/PO4 ratio fits to aquariums with big variety of plants species. At the same time Smart MACRO allows aquarist to prepare ideal fertilizer for planted aquarium with only one or several species of plants.

Smart MACRO ratio


For the preparation of the fertilizer with desired NO3/PO4 ratio pour AQUAYER Nitrate into the measuring bottle to the corresponding NO3/PO4 mark. After that pour AQUAYER Phosphate to the same measuring bottle to the red mark. Close the measuring bottle with the dosing cap and shake it several times. The fertilizer is ready to use. Use the sticker to mark NO3/PO4 ratio in the prepared fertilizer. Experiment with different NO3/PO4 ratios to find ideal fertilizer for your set of plants in aquarium.

AQUAYER Smart MACRO preparation

Dose the fertilizer every day or every other day just before light is on in your aquarium. Dosage and regularity are the same as for Yermolayev`s fertilizer MACRO+. 1 mL for every 70 L of aquarium water daily or 2 mL for every 70 L every other day. In case of aquariums with CO2 injection dosage increase (2-4 times) is required since plants in such kind of aquariums consume significantly more nutrients. It is strongly recommended to use Smart Macro together with Yermolayev`s fertilizer MICRO+.

Find detailed information about dosing methodology for different aquarium types in the article.

Smart MACRO set consist of:
1) Bottle of AQUAYER Nitrate, 250 mL
2) Bottle of AQUAYER Phosphate, 250 mL
3) The measuring bottle with dosing cap.
4) Stickers set


Items Nitrate and Phosphate of the Smart MACRO set are available on the market separately as well.

AQUAYER Nitrate content:

Nitrate72 g/L
Potassium 45.3 g/L

AQUAYER Phosphate content:

Phosphate 7.2 g/L
Potassium 3 g/L

3 years at temperature below 30 °С

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