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AQUAYER Planaria Stop

AQUAYER Planaria Stop combats with planarians in the aquarium. If planarians in the aquarium is developing intensively they can harm even the adult shrimp. After molting when shrimps are especially defenceless planarians crawl into the respiratory system and the shrimp can die from suffocation. Planaria is a flatworm with triangular shape of the head, on which two black eyes can be seen. The planarian enters into aquarium often with water plants or feed. Planarians feed on the remains of food and carrion. Unlike fish, shrimp consume food very slowly and some food can remain in the soil becoming available for planarians. Therefore in a shrimp tanks the risk of increase in the planarians population is high enough.

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How to use AQUAYER Planaria Stop and its advantages.

It is recommended to avoid intense treatment aquarium by the product. If planarian died within one day after treatment, these means that the product overdose was made and harmful decomposition substances of died planarians may release in critical quantities. Our research has shown that the ideal treatment of aquarium against planarians was a slow reduction of planarian population within one to two weeks. The main advantage of AQUAYER Planaria Stop that tablets have fixed dose of active ingredient. A dosage of analogues in powder form is allowed only by accurate weighing.

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Dosage and application guide. 1 tab of AQUAYER Planaria Stop per 20 L of water in the aquarium. For more accurate dosing and use in aquariums of less than 20 L, you can use half or quarter tabs. AQUAYER Planaria Stop slowly dissolves in the aquarium water and acts within 3-5 days. Before treatment it is necessary to prepare a suspension.
Перед внесением в аквариум необходимо приготовить суспензию. Для этого:
1) Place the required number of tabs in a tablespoon, moisten tablets by some water, wait several minutes and crush the tabs with another spoon to form a white slurry.
2) Place the prepared slurry into the glass with water (100 - 300mL) and actively mix to form a suspension.
3) Pour the prepared suspension evenly throughout the aquarium.
4) After 3 days, make 25% water change in the aquarium and repeat treatment by AQUAYER Planaria Stop in 1/4 dosage.
It is advisable to repeat the treatment in a week for the elimination of young planaria hatched from eggs. The dissolution rate and the effect of the active ingredient depends on the water hardness. AQUAYER Planaria Stop acts against planaria more efficiently in soft water. The dosage should be doubled in water with a total hardness above 10 ºdH. It is recommended to divide the dose into two or three days if demanding shrimps (Caridina sp. etc.) and lots of planaria inhabit the aquarium. Mass planaria deaths can dramatically increase the amount of decomposition products in water and cause the death of shrimps.

You can ask any questions about the means at forum on planted aquarium.

3 years at temperature below 30 ºС. Keep dry./p>

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AQUAYER Planaria Stop combats with planarians in the aquarium

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