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Planaria in the aquarium


Why planaria is considered as aquarium pest especially in shrimp aquarium and how to struggle with planaria?
Planaria is a flatworm with a triangular head and two black eyes on it. Planaria often enter into the aquarium with water plants or feed. Planaria can harm even the adult shrimp if number of this flatworm becomes large. After molting, when shrimp is especially defenseless planarian crawl in respiratory system and shrimp can die from suffocation.

Planaria eat carrion and feed residues. Unlike fish, shrimp slowly mull food and some feed may remain in the soil becoming available for planarians. Therefore risk of uncontrolled increase in the population of planarians in shrimp tanks is high enough. Planaria reproduce fairly quickly by laying eggs under aquatic plants leaf surface or under stones. And it is very easy to miss dramatic increase in the population of planarian! The fact that planaria keep shaded places - under stones, in the plant bushes and most of them in the soil of aquarium. In the presence of food residues in the soil number of planarian can reach a thousand, which is not just likely to harm the inhabitants of the aquarium, but also looks disgusting for the owner of the aquarium. But the aquarium should bring aesthetic pleasure.

planaria aquarium

Aquarists have thought up different tricks to struggle with planaria. One of these trick is usage of traps with meat. However, this method is tedious because the traps should be regularly left for the night in the aquarium and in the morning aquarist should take the trap back and scrape planarians. Some aquarists use the classic method of controlling unwanted organisms - boiling soil. However, planaria eggs so persistent that they can withstand even prolonged boiling. Also macropodus can eat planarian because it is the only fish resistant to the toxic mucus of planarians.

aquayer планария

More aquarists prefer special means on the basis of fenbendazole for combating with planaria. There are several means that help in the struggle against planaria. However, their effects differ. There are many reviews of aquarists that describe very rapid and effective action against planaria with no harmful action on other inhabitants of the aquarium. But at the same time occasionaly aquarists report besides planaria death some shrimp death such as crystal red. What is the cause of this contradiction? Our research has shown that the ideal treatment of aquarium against planarian is a slow decrease of planarian populations within one to two weeks. If planarian died within days after treatment, then the overdose was made causing violent release of hazardous for shrimp planaria decomposition products. Reduce of the dosage can help. But not every means allows to keep the dosage accurate enough. For example, formulations in the form of powder requires accurate weighting which is not available for many aquarists.
AQUAYER Planaria Stop tablets has a fixed, standardized dose of active ingredient in each tablet. One tablet treats 20 liters of water. This accuracy makes it possible to keep dosage and treat aquarium safely for your shrimps.

AQUAYER Planaria Stop

It is also important to consider that solubility and action rate of fenbendazole depends on the water hardness. The softer the water, the faster the dissolution and action of Planaria Stop. If you have demanding shrimp, for example Caridina sp, and a lot of planarians in the aquarium it is recommended to treat the aquarium in several stages dividing the dose into two or three days. Mass mortality of planarian can dramatically increase the amount of degradation products in the water and cause the death of the shrimp. Therefore, you should remember - the softer the water and the greater number of planarians, the better caution should handle in case of aquariums with Caridina sp. shrimps.