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AQUAYER NO3 minus 60mL

AQUAYER NO3 minus is efficient for nitrate concentration decrease in aquarium water. Stimulates denitrifying bacteria which always present in every mature aquarium and absorb nitrate. The higher nitrate concentration in the aquarium water the more efficient this product.
The sign of high nitrate concentration in aquarium water is appearance of high amount of algae and worsening of fish condition.

How to use

Before use shake the bottle vigorously. 2.5mL of the product for every 10L of aquarium water. 1 cap = 5mL. Immediately after addition decrease of oxygen concentration in the aquarium water may takes place. That is why make sure that aeration in the aquarium works properly.

Volume: 60 mL

24 monthes at temperature below 30 °С

TU U 20.5-3053410712-003-2017

Remedy for nitarte control

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