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AQUAYER Live soil, 5L

Live soil - substrate for planted aquariums. Live soil contains not only all nutrients for aquatic plants growth but also beneficial bacteria promoting better availability of the nutrients to plants. In contrast to regular sand, Live soil recreates natural medium for plants in aquarium. The fraction is optimal for aquatic plants – 1-5mm. Developed by Sergey Yermolayev.

AQUAYER Live soil

Live soil helps to grow aquarium plants even in slightly hard water. This soil does not lead to significant change of water parameters (pH, KH, GH). It is strongly recommended to use Live soil only in water with general or carbonate hardness above 2 German degrees. Otherwise biological balance in the soil may be damaged.

Layer of 3-4 cm is enough for plants in aquarium to supply them with all nutrients through roots. The best ratio of Live soil to aquarium water is 1/5 – 1/6. Live soil can be the only substrate in aquarium without a need to use other substrates and soil additives.

It is strongly recommended to use the soil only in aquariums with plants and CO2 injection. CO2 injection accelerates nutrients consumption from the soil by plants and prevents nutrients accumulation in water. In aquariums without CO2 injection we recommend to use AQUAYER Plant Substrate..

aquarium soil


Open the package and pour Live soil into aquarium. Minimal layer thickness for good rooting is 3 mm. Slowly fill the aquarium with water avoiding fall of strong water stream directly onto the soil. Small parts of wood may occur in the soil which can be removed by net during aquarium setup. Planting can be started after full or partial filling of aquarium by water. Make weekly 30-50% water changes. In order to stimulate root growth and faster nutrient consumption from the soil use fertilizer with plant hormones AQUAYER Complex #1 every day for 4-5 weeks.

aquarium soil

Calculate required volume of the soil:
Aquarium, cm:
Width:Depth: Height:
The soil layer thickness, cm:
Front glass layer:Background glass layer:
The soil volume, L: 0

In order to avoid water clouding during maintenance of the aquarium with Live soil do not remove plants with roots, because the roots can be very developed inside the soil. If certain plant is necessary to remove from the aquarium cut it with scissors to the level of the soil leaving roots inside. In case of water cloudiness clean canister filter for better water filtration or use AQUAYER Crystal

aquarium soil

Avoid overdrying of the soil (for instance when the package is open for more then 12 hours) to save its properties. Overdrying can decrease efficiency of beneficial bacteria and the soil stability.

Volume: 5 L.


2 years in tightly closed package at temperature below 35оС.

Live soil for aquarium plants

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