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AQUAYER Ich Stop 60 mL

AQUAYER Ich Stop - effective against many forms of Ichthyophthirius (ich) in freshwater and seawater. No contains toxic to fish formalin (formaldehyde). Consist of safe and effective aldehyde – formaldehyde analogue and malachite green.

Advantages of AQUAYER Ich Stop

Most manufactures products for ich control in aquarium contain formaldehyde (formalin) as a component of antiseptic. It helps to get rid of external parasites but at the same time is extremely toxic to aquarium fish. Often such treatment of the aquarium leads to the death of fishes, particularly at elevated doses. But, despite this, many manufacturers do not refuse to use formaldehyde (formalin) because of its low price. AQUAYER Ich Stop does not contain formaldehyde. Instead, more effective antiseptic aldehyde is used in our products which is safe for fish. Therefore using AQUAYER Ich Stop you reduce the likelihood of fish poisoning to the minimum even at elevated doses. The new version AQUAYER Ich Stop became four times concentrated, so now AQUAYER Ich Stop is much more economical than analogues from other manufacturers. 60 mL of the product is sufficient to treat 1200 L of water.

How to use

Before using the product disconnect the UV sterilization and remove the filter adsorbents (eg, activated carbon).

On the first day, before use, make 50% water change and then dose AQUAYER Ich Stop 1 mL for every 20 liter of water. If symptoms persist repeat after 24 hours half of this dose, and after another 24 hours - a quarter of the specified dosage. In severe cases, repeat specified dose in the second and third day. Be sure to use aeration. To improve the efficiency in the first day of treatment it is recommended to turn of the light in aquarium. After the end of treatment make two 50% water changes, on the fourth and six day – one 50% water change, or use of activated carbon as an adsorbent. In order to preserve the flora of the aquarium and use less product the procedure can be carried in a specially prepared quarantine tank.

Volume: 60 mL for 1200 L

2 years at temperature below 30 °С

Keep away from children. Do not take internally. In contact with the mucous membrane of the eye rinse thoroughly with water.

ТU U 20.5-3053410712-001-2012
The means is not a veterinary agent

AQUAYER Ich Stop 60 mL against pests

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