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AQUAYER Hexametryl

AQUAYER Hexametryl - is an effective and specific product against hexamita and other flagellates (hole in the head, spironucleus). The product has soft action and does not affect the filter bed even at overdosing. Suitable for freshwater aquaria. Use AQUAYER Hexametryl if your fishes in aquarium have following symptoms: (1) semitransparent, white and thread-like excrement, (2) hole in the head, (3) bed appetite, (4) low colour intensity, (5) weakness. Most often such symptoms appear in cichlid fishes, however, can be observed in Cyprinidae and Anabantoidei family.


Application of AQUAYER Hexametryl does not requires replacement of the fishes with symptoms to special quarantine tank. AQUAYER Hexametryl has specific action to hexamita and other flagellates without damaging effect to biofiltration in the aquarium. Moreover, in the quarantine tank the fishes can be stressed that complicates the process of recovery.
In order to completely dissolve AQUAYER Hexametryl in aquarium water, all amount of it should be preliminary dissolved in 1 Liter of warm water (requires 10 minutes of mixing). Boiled tap water can be used. The resulting solution is stable enough and can be stored in dark place at temperature below 30 °С for 3 months. The solution should be dosed in following quantities: 100 mL for every 70 L of aquarium water, or 1 table spoon for every 10 Liters of aquarium water daily. The remedy has soft action, that is why overdosing for even 50% does not cause negative consequences. Term of treatment can last from one to three weeks. Does not stop dosing until all the symptoms fully disappear. However if appetite of the fishes becomes worth the application of the remedy should be stopped. If the treatment does not have positive effect to the fishes, make sure that conditions in the aquarium are harmonized. The following factors can prevent recovery of the fishes: overcrowding of the aquarium, non-regular water change, low aeration, bed filtration, inadequate feeding, high concentration of toxic ions in the aquarium water.

metronidazole (5 g), that is enough for one day treatment of 700 liters of aquarium water.
2 years

TU U 20.5-3053410712-001-2017

Remedy against hexamita AQUAYER Hexametryl

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