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AQUAYER Drop Checker
Aquarium Plant Fertilizers. Means against algae in aquarium. Express-tests for control of water parameters

AQUAYER Drop Checker

AQUAYER Drop Checker, CO2 long-term test is the device continuously monitoring the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the aquarium water. The convenient solution for aquariums with plants. Once placed in the aquarium AQUAYER Drop Checker allows at any time to evaluate the presence of sufficient concentration of CO2 in the aquarium water.

aquayer дропчекер

Carbon is the basic building material of aquatic plants. The main source of carbon is carbon dioxide (CO2). It is therefore important to know how much CO2 is dissolved in the aquarium water.

How to use

  • Fill AQUAYER Drop Checker with required volume (1-2 mL) AQUAYER Indicator
  • Place AQUAYER Drop Checker into the aquarium using the suction cup. It is desirably to position Drop Checker on the opposite wall of the tank from the source of CO2.
  • Depending on concentration of CO2 indicator color changes:
aquayer дропчекер
  • yellow = CO2 content is too high.
  • green = optimal concentration of CO2 in the water.
  • blue = too little CO2.

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