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AQUAYER Crystal 60mL

AQUAYER Crystal eliminates cloudiness of any origin in the aquarium and helps to maintain crystal clarity and transparency of the water in the aquarium. It is effective over a wide pH and KH range of water. Cloudiness in the aquarium can be caused by various reasons. Most often, the water becomes cloudy during aquarium setup phase when the aquarium has not microorganisms that remove small particles from the water naturally. Water may become cloudy even in old aquariums, for example, after transplanting large number of plants.

How it works

Not every filter can cope with very small particles, which form white slurry in the aquarium. AQUAYER Crystal contains a coagulant which provides adhesion of fine particles to form larger particles. Larger particles, in turn, can been filtered by the filter. It is shown below the effect of AQUAYER Crystal. On top - the aquarium with a white cloudiness, bottom - 12 hours after the addition of AQUAYER Crystal.

муть в аквариуме

How to use

Add 15 drops (1 mL) in 40 liters of water in the evening before turning off the light in the aquarium. The filter should be turned on. Immediately after the addition the increase of visual cloudiness of water may occur, but in the morning the water in the aquarium should be crystal clear. In plant aquariums it is better to turn off the carbon dioxide supply at least 4 hours before using AQUAYER Crystal to enhance action of the product. It is necessary to raise the pH of water during the action of the product. On the morning of carbon dioxide supply can be resumed. Also carbonate hardness is necessary to be not less than one degree for proper coagulation.

Volume: 60 mL

3 years at temperature below 30 °С

TU U 20.5-3053410712-001-2012

AQUAYER Crystal eliminates cloudiness

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