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AQUAYER AlgoShock 250mL

AQUAYER AlgoShoсk against green filamentous algae and algal bloom. Desiged by Sergey Yermolayev. AQUAYER AlgoShock acts on those algae in the aquarium against which AQUAYER Algicide+CO2 insufficiently efficient. These two algaecides have the different mechanisms of action on the algae. If Algicide+CO2 is more efficient against red algae (Black beard algae, Staghorn) and xenococcus, the action of The AlgoShock is more focused on green filamentous algae and algal blooms (green water).


How AQUAYER AlgoShock works?

Hydrogen peroxide is well known to combat green filamentous algae, but it has short-term action. AQUAYER AlgoShock contains peroxide, as well as other algaecide - QAC. The efficiency of these two algaecides particularly high under the joint action. Hydrogen peroxide oxidizes the algal cells, weakening them and ensuring easy QAC penetration into the algae cells. Peroxide has a rapid action and work for several hours. QAC provides long-term effect and works until it goes out of with the water changes.


8 mL of 50 liters daily for three days. In case of large amount of algae intensive treatment can be carried out with a dosage of 12 mL per 50 liters daily for three days. If filamentous algae concentrated on a small area then it is more practical to carry out local treatment using a syringe.
After the treatment of the aquarium with green water (algal blooms) the discolored algae can be precipitated using AQUAYER Crystal

The product has strong action and may harm some species of aquatic plants. If after first dose of the product some valuable plants negatively responds stop dosing of the product. It is also recommended to carefully use the product if sensitive species of snails (for example, neritina) inhabit an aquarium.

hydrogen peroxide, QAC

Volume: 250 mL

3 years at temperature below 30 °С

Keep away from children. Do not take internally. Contains peroxide. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. In case of eye contact rinse immediately with plenty of water

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