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AQUAYER Algox – product for combating green algae in ponds. It has a dual action. The first and primary action is a dissolution green filamentous algae (slime), algal blooms (green water). The second action is a saturation of water in the pond with oxygen, which is especially important in the summer. In hot weather, the temperature of water in the pond rises and solubility of oxygen is reduced, which can cause asphyxia of the pond inhabitants. The additional source of oxygen like Algox helps with this problem.
Designed by Sergey Yermolayev.


Calculate the required volume of the product for the volume of the pond and pour it onto the most affected areas. The product is more efficient when dose in the evening. 5 liters of Algox sufficient to treat 50000 liters of water in the pond. Use the cap for small ponds.

3 years at temperature below 30 °С

Keep away from children. Do not take internally. Avoid contact with skin and mucous membrane of the eye. After contact with the mucous membrane of the eyes or skin rinse with plenty of water. It is recommended to wear rubber gloves before usage of the product. The product contains hydrogen peroxide.

The product agains algae in ponds AQUAYER Algox

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