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AQUAYER Algicide+CO2: Means against algae
Aquarium Plant Fertilizers. Means against algae in aquarium. Express-tests for control of water parameters

AQUAYER Algicide+CO2 250mL

AQUAYER Algicide+CO2 - unique means that combines the properties of highly efficient algaecide to combat algae in the aquarium and an organic source of CO2 to accelerate the growth of aquatic plants.

Algicide+CO2 is very efficient against red algae (Black brush algae, Staghorn) and Green Spot Algae. Combating filamentous green algae in aquaria use more rigid product - AQUAYER AlgoShock.
Moreover, Algicide+CO2 can be used to accelerate the growth of aquatic plants. Plants need carbon more than any other element. Carbon appears in the aquarium water in the form of CO2 that is transferred from the air in small amounts, which is why plants grow very slowly. To accelerate the growth of aquatic plants pressurized CO2 can be used as a supply. Another way is daily dosing of organic CO2 with AQUAYER Algicide+CO2.

Applying Algicide+CO2 as a source of carbon use AQUAYER Yermolayev`s fertilizer Macro and Micro to provide plants with all the required nutrients.

Buying AQUAYER products you get free advices on cultivation of aquatic plants from the author in aquatic plants forum.

How to use

1) The standard method of application
2 mL per 50 L of aquarium water daily using as a source of carbon, and to prevent against algae. This dosage can be used regularly.
4-8 mL per 50 L of aquarium water daily to combat algae. Treat for 3-7 days.

2) Intensive method of application
For intensive combat algae in the aquarium, including old Green Spot Algae, you should turn off the filter for half an hour, in order to stop the flow of water. Next, slowly treat the affected surface with Algicide+CO2 from the syringe. The next day, repeat the procedure.


This method of application can also be economical, since consumption of Algicide+CO2 in this case approximately 1 mL per 5x5 cm section. After the procedure algae eaters easily eat dead algae.

Contains pentandial as a source organic carbon

Volume: 250 mL

3 years at temperature below 30 °С

Keep away from children. Do not swallow. In contact with the mucous membrane of the eye rinse thoroughly with water.

TU U 20.5-3053410712-001-2012

AQUAYER AQUAYER Algicide+CO2 250mL against algae in aquarium

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