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Sergey Yermolayev

AQUAYER was found in 2010 by Sergey Yermolayev, PhD in chemistry, author of scientific articles and well known among Ukrainian and Russian-speaking aquarists. Sergey Yermolayev is inventor of all AQUAYER products. He is author of many articles about planted aquariums which became very popular.книга Сергея Ермолаева
Some of these articles was included in his book “Planted aquaria: Basics and niceties of plants upkeep in aquaria.”. Many research works and articles is available on his website and forum where he provides free consulting for every aquarists. One of the interesting research is ICP analysis of nutrients for aquatic plants in tap water from different regions.

High quality of the products and loyalty of aquarists to inventions of Sergey Yermolayev became a basement of constant growth of AQUAYER products popularity. After all AQUAER products is produced by technique and full control of author on all stages of manufacturing.

    AQUAYER products can be found in pet shops from Carpathians to the Far East – more than 450 shopsand this number is growing.


Сurrently, we produce goods in seven basic categories for the simple and high quality everyday care of aquarium and its inhabitants, successful growing of healthy and beautiful aquarium plants:

AQUAYER today actively popularizes a relatively new direction of fish keeping - Aquascaping.

We are regular participant and sponsor of the annual All-Ukrainian festival Aquaforum

Everyone is welcome to take part in monthly photographic competition «Aquarium of the month», which is held onour Instagram page, where you can share your achievements, get valuable prizes and good mood bought by our join fascinating hobby - Fishkeeping and Aquascaping.

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Pictures 1, 2, 3 - New Live soil in AquaTerraShow 2017 exhibition

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Pictures 1, 2, 3 - in ZooVetExpo 2017 exhibition

           aquayer exhibition   aquayer exhibition   yermolayev
Picture 4 - in Aquaterra Show 2016 exhibition; 5 – in the International exhibition ZooSphere-2013; picture 6 – lecture of Sergey Yermolayev

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Our projects:
купить аквариумные растения

Experimental farm for aquarium plants. Our company constantly caries out investigations of the new products for aquarium hobbyists. These products are tested in our experimental farm. The quality control for AQUAYER products is performed in the farm as well. Some species of the aquarium plants from the farm are available in our online store. Since aquatic plants are grown on AQUAYER fertilizers, users of our fertilizers have advantage in terms of the survival of purchased plants.

форум про дизайн аквариумов с растениями в стиле акваскейп

Aquascape Promotion is web portal and forum with the main subject - the design of planted aquariums in aquascaping style. Here newbie as well as a professional with extensive experience in aquarium design will find a lot of useful information on planted aquarium. This website contain pictures of aquascapes of well known aquascapers with their detailed descriptions, journals and discussions.