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AQUAYER test KH for determination of KH (carbonate hardness, alkalinity) of aquarium water. KH (carbonate hardness, alkalinity) - is determined by the content of carbonates and bicarbonates in the water and affect the pH of water.

Advantages of AQUAYER test KH ?

Long shelf life due to the special formula of the test and dark box which prevents exposure to direct sunlight.

How to use

It is necessary to strictly follow the instructions to ensure the accuracy of the test declared by the manufacturer.

  1. Pour 5 ml of aquarium water to the test tube;
  2. Add KH reagent dropwise until the color changes from blue to yellow;

1 drop of KH reagent = 1 degree of carbonate hardness (alkalinity)

(!) Swirl the test tube after each drop.

2 years at temperature below 30 °С

TU U 20.5-3053410712-001-2012

AQUAYER test kit KH for determination of KH of aquarium water

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